We regularly hold special events and interviews, open to FeForte Members and everyone. We hope they are an opportunity to learn something new, create community, shift your perspective and expand your connections. Please register to be the first to hear about upcoming events!

Next event: 25th Feb at 12.30-1.30pm GMT 

Join us as we speak to the wonderful Marie van Schouwenburg about her life experiences and lessons she has learnt along the way. Amongst other experiences she will discuss, Marie made the difficult decision to step back from her career to support her child with learning difficulties. She’ll be discussing her experiences and how she stayed strong in the face of challenges and grasped opportunities.

Join the session and you’ll take away some great tips and inspiration for your own life journey. The session will include a live discussion with time for audience Q&A. 


  • Jacqui Larsson: March 23rd at 12.30pm GMT
  • Subha Barry: Date TBC

Check out our Blog for recordings of previous sessions


Courses to Build your Resilience

Grounded in science and philosophy, FeForte has created three habits to build your personal resilience.

Our Deep-Dive training course allows you to learn these habits virtually in a supportive, interactive cohort. 
Coming soon, our Independent e-Learning program gives you the option to learn the same habits, whenever and wherever you like, through videos and toolkits. 

Whilst participating in either course, you’ll be invited to join the FeForte Members Community, providing you access to even more great content. 

  • Foundational Neuroscience to understand mental resources  
  • Brain Health 
  • Combat Stress 
  • How confidence connects to resilience
  • Growth Mindset
  • Affirmations and Mindfulness
  • Social connections and resilience  
  • Networking and Inclusion 
  • Finding your tribe 

Deep-Dive Interactive Course

Over four weeks, you’ll be joining us and a small cohort of peers to learn three key habits to help you become more resilient. Each 90-minute virtual meeting will be an opportunity to review your practice, share new knowledge and help to embed your new skills. 

Between each call, we will share a follow up email with activities and reflection points. 

Includes one month free access to our community,  where you will connect with others and have access to even more content, including meditations and articles. 

Next Cohort

 Next Program dates: 

Session 1: Wednesday 20th January 2020, 6.30-8pm BST
Session 2: Wednesday 27th January 2020, 6.30-8pm BST
Session 3: Wednesday 3rd February 2020, 6.30pm-8pm BST
Session 4: Wednesday 10th February 2020, 6.30pm-8pm BST



Independent E-Learning

Over four weeks, you’ll learn three key habits to help you become more resilient. You’ll learn the same habits as in our Deep-Dive course, independently through videos and toolkits. Each short video will share new knowledge and the toolkits will help to embed your new skills. 

Includes one month free access to our community,  where you will connect with others and have access to even more content, including meditations and articles.

Building resilience in Organisations

Our team has numerous years of experience bringing science to organisations. 
We can run in-house cohorts with standard content, rebranding or fully customised to your organisation and people. 

We have a deep experience across many topic areas, including Authenticity, Growth Mindset, Unconscious Bias and Inclusion. Every session is unique and we consult with organisations to achieve their specific goals.

If you would like to discuss, please reach out to us via the Contact page, email us at, LinkedIn or Facebook.