The name FeForte comes from ‘Femme Forte’, meaning ‘strong woman’. Our vision is to empower women globally from all backgrounds and walks of life. Whilst resilience is a necessary skill for everyone, we believe women encounter different challenges in traditional patriarchal societies. On top of this, the world is facing unprecedented changes in terms of climate, economic crises, political upheaval and unrest. FeForte provides the skills and community to face these problems and thrive, through science-based training and mindfulness practice. 

Share Knowledge

We believe we all have knowledge to share, and we are all able to learn from each other.

All FeForte courses are built on sound principles grounded in existential philosophy, or ‘Woman’s search for meaning’, and robustly supported by science.  

We are committed to sharing research from thought-leaders and scientists to expand your thinking, helping you feel stronger and more supported in the process.

We’ll be sharing personal stories from strong women, exploring issues that women face inside and outside of organisations, and sharing interviews with industry experts and scientists. 

What if becoming more resilient was as simple as 1…2…3?

Now we aren’t going to say it’s easy, but it’s definitely simple. Three key habits underpin our programs;

Maximise Cognitive Capacity
Grow your Confidence
Expand your Connections

Habits are the way we build new neural wiring so more helpful behaviours are taken automatically, without requiring conscious thought. This is much more efficient than having to consciously try to do new things. 

By joining one of our Deep-Dive Interactive cohorts or working through our Independent e-Learning content, you will learn how to embed the habits into everyday life.

Change Habits

Create Community

The FeForte community is a place of learning, understanding, empathy and encouragement. It engages us all to become stronger together. 

Whilst you may already be a member of a corporate network or a special interest group, these groups often connect us with similar people. As a FeForte member, you’ll be part of a network of women from all backgrounds and walks of life. Each member has a unique point of view and set of experiences, from which we can all learn. 

Our members connect regularly in our events, forums, social media groups and our mentoring scheme. We also partner to provide networks for corporate women’s programs.

Everyone is welcome here, you’re family now.

Build your Resilience

Learn more about our training programs and get involved.

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